Poster Presentations
Friday, 20th - Sunday, 22nd

All posters and their video presentations will be available to view on the virtual platform throughout the duration of the congress and for 8 weeks thereafter as part of the on-demand content.

Aarthi Ramlaul: The use of Socratic questioning in developing the critical thinking skills in diagnostic radiography students
Aileen O’Shaughnessy & Michaela Davis: Generational differences in job satisfaction of Radiographers in the Republic of Ireland
Aliaa Karam, Michaela Davis & Rachel Toomey: Experiences of Radiographers in Ireland During The Covid 19 Pandemic
Alice O'Mahony: Irish radiographers views on moving into advanced practice roles
Andrés Chaves-Campos: Micronucleus frequency in ocupationally exposed veterinary workers to ionizing radiations in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019. San José, Costa Rica.
Brendan Curran & Denise Carroll: Using 3D Printed bolus: Our experience at St James’ SLRON
Carmen Saunders-Russell: How HIP is Service Learning: Multigenerational, Interprofessionalism and Cultural Competency all rolled into one via a service-learning experience
Carolyn Costigan & Chantel Brooks: Changing the culture: A Research and Audit engagement programme for Radiographers
Catarina Lam & Colleen Dickie: Using Agile Approach to Manage a Complex Design-Build Project in Radiation Therapy
Chia Peng Chung: Using T2 image to evaluate susceptibility artifacts impact in TOF-MRA
Christine Rohan: Internal Mammary Chain Irradiation-A step by step workflow
Clare Rainey: Man vs Machine: A comparison of computer and human visual processes in radiographic image interpretation.
Connor Gallagher & Graeme McCrabbe: Confirmation of nasogastric tube placement- are we doing enough to ensure patient safety?
David de Vries: Contrast agents in water
Edel Doyle: Reducing fasting times for CT prior to administration of IV contrast
Edel Doyle: Establishing departmental DRLs for chest x-rays
Gerald Orpen: Dose optimisation for Full Spine X-ray during scoliosis assessment
Heidi Thomas: Lecturers perceptions and understanding of reflective practive in a new Radiography curriculum
Hilde Merete Olerud: Use of Catphan and open source software in bachelor’s thesis for demonstration of CT theory - The significance of selected mAs and reconstruction technique for the low contrast resolution in CT
Jason Stanley & Jonathan McConnell: Radiology non-medical referral education development: A Scottish health board perspective
Jingqi Hong & Michaela Davis: The historical use of radiography and diagnostic imaging to diagnose and treat multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: exploring strategies for early diagnosis and monitoring response to therapy
Kathleen Naidoo: The concept of caring among first year diagnostic radiography students'
Lisa Bartenhagen & Kimberly Michael: The Use of Non-cognitive Variables in the Admissions Process
Lynn Mundy: Therapeutic Radiography Education – A Stimulating Experience
Maria Alafaki & Maria Matiatou: Stereotactic breast biopsy: Biopsying lesions close to the skin or chest wall.
Mary Conlon: A case study: Creating a ‘Rich Picture’ of a CT service to inform quality improvement and reduce the CT waiting list
Michaela Davis & Elliot Davis: First Day Qualified, An Exploration of Radiographers Experiences Authors
Michaela Davis & Sandra Kucharczyk: Radiographers opinions of uniforms
Michaela Davis & Sharon Williams: An Exploration Of Radiographer Role Development In Europe
Niamh O'Brien & Marie Stanton: An investigation into the level of education on radiological emergencies of pre-hospital practitioners in Ireland
Nick Courtier & Annabelle Judge: Canadian and UK experiences and opinions of a safety strap designed to secure patients during radiotherapy
Owen Shearer, Michaela Davis & Rachel Toomey: Radiographers experiences of Covid 19 in Europe
Ruth Flynn: An investigation into the effectiveness of lead shielding of obese patients in abdominal and lumbar spine radiography
Ruth Woods: Streaming the Pre Treatment Process for Stereotactic Radiosurgery using an Electronic Healthcare Record System
Ruth Woods & Claire Fitzpatrick: Improveing Awareness of and Engagement with Radiotheapy, Protocol & Guidelines'
Sachila Niroshani Hewage: Classification of Benign and Malignant lesions in 2D-Fullfield Digital Mammography (2D-FFDM) by Using Digital Image Processing
Seyoung Im: Accurate Left Ventricle to Aortic Mean Pressure Gradient Using Pressure Wire
Sonyia McFadden: SAFE EUROPE study: Safe And Free Exchange of EU RadiOgraphy Professionals across Europe
Sonyia McFadden: From hospital bed to the sea bed: the expanding capabilities of Digital Radiography.
Susan Traynor: A randomised controlled trial to evaluate the difference between UV tattoo and standard tattoo ink in prostate cancer patients
Tara Mahon & Michelle Foley: Reject Analysis in a Local Department
Tatsuya Yamashita: Usefulness of the Scattered X-ray Correction Processing System in the Infant Hip Joint
Wan Nur Hanisah Binti Wan Noor Azam Shah: Improvement of coronary CT angiography image quality by an intelligent motion correction algorithm in patients with high heart rate under low-dose prospective ECG-gating