Scientific Sessions *
Saturday, 21st August 2021

All sessions are in Irish Standard Time and will be available on a virtual basis. The congress content (except the forensic workshop) will be available on-demand on the virtual platform for 8 weeks after the congress.

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Saturday 10am-11am

Stewart Whitley: Establishing and maintaining a Safety Culture in medical imaging and radiation therapy - an essential requirement to ensure the safety of patients, the public and fellow colleagues and other staff members of the healthcare team.
Edward Chan & Jun Xiang: Radiation Dose Optimization in DSA - A radiographer leading CQI project
Evan Comiskey & Kate Matthews: Explaining Radiation Risk: An Investigation of Approaches Preferred by Irish Patients
Niamh Mulhall: Radiography students’ knowledge of informed consent and their preparedness in undertaking risk-benefit conversations

Simon Lysdahlgaard: Detection of metallic objects on digital radiographs with convolutional neural networks: A MRI contraindication screening tool
Joyann Todd & Andrew Garnett: Real-time Quality Inspection of Chest X-rays using Computer Vision Systems
Maria Law: Development of radiomics-based model for prediction of treatment outcome for patients with head and neck cancers undergoing radiotherapy
Simon Lysdahlgaard: Validation of deep learning algorithms for quality assessment of lateral knee x-ray examinations
Guillaume Davy: Limitations of artificial intelligicence
Simon Lysdahlgaard: The effect of Gaussian Noise on pneumonia detection on Chest Radiographs, using Convolutional Neural Networks.

Mary Conlon: A case study: Combining qualitative and quantitative operational research methods to inform quality improvement in a Computed Tomography (CT)
Eric Salomon: Evaluation of computed tomography pulmonary embolus (PE) scan(s) time efficiency, technologist usability and patient safety by personalizing contrast medium volumes/scan with the introduction of a new power contrast injector/software
Yi-Ting Chi: Two-steps contrast medium injection rate in CT venography for lower limb deep vein thrombosis
Florelle Terra & Joel Greffier: Effect of 3D camera body contour detection system on tube current modulation and patient positioning
Bharti Kataria: Visual grading evaluation in abdominal CT

Kristal Lee: Using digital storytelling to teach patient-centred care in medical radiation sciences
Karen Finlay: Moving out and settling in: The motivations and experiences of clinical radiographers transitioning to become radiography educators
Ian Simcock & Carolyn Costigan: Clinical academic careers - Challenges and benefits
Gaynor Lawson Jones: The introduction of simulation software - the student view
Emma Hyde: Evaluation of a one week simulation based education package designed to support second year diagnostic radiography students during their clinical placement.
Kristal Lee: Future focus: How high-fidelity simulation can impact CT education

Kenneth Yeo Chye Whatt:
The Art Behind the Science-the use of x-rays in the imaging of heritage artefacts'
Cynthia Cowling: The paradoxes of radiography
Nigel Anderson: Reshuffling the Decks - Restructuring the Australian Society of Medical Imaging's Advisory Structure
Min Ku: Only the lonely - A vision of modern management

Cynthia Eccles: Clinical realities of MRI-Linac use
Amanda Webster: CT Adaptive radiotherapy
Selina Reinlo & Miriam Rashid: Implementation of Adaptive Radiotherapy using Varian Ethos

Saturday 2.15pm-3.15pm

Ali Alanazi: An investigation into potential variability amongst radiologists when assessing the appropriateness and urgency level of Lumbar Spine MRI referrals
Edel Doyle: Systematic Literature Review to assess the potential use of CT to replace x-rays in the investigation of non-accidental injury or suspected physical abuse
Edel Doyle: Evidence to support the appropriate use of gonad protection
Hilde Merete Olerud: Three 15ETCs online Master level courses that highlights the radiation protection principles of justification, optimization and staff dose limitation in radiology
Timmerie Cohen: Use of Head Computed Tomography in Emergency Departments for Headaches

Martin Weber Kusk:
Designing an ultra-low dose protocol for CT Left Ventricular Function (LVEF) measurement, using 3D-printed phantoms and noise simulation in MATLAB
Maryam Jessop: Texture analysis as a potential aid in dose reduction for CT
Sylvia Precious Mokuoane: Evaluation of conventional tomography for optimisation of radiographic imaging of the odontoid process
Ian Simcock: I just wanted answers: parental views on micro-CT scanning following miscarriage
Jaka Potocnik: Identifying Potential Bias among Clinical Specialist Audit of CT Referrals

John McInerney: Clinical educators' attitudes towards educational technology, a mixed methods study.
Mackenzie Crawford & Jisla Mathews: Image Quality Peer Learning Program Implementation: Enabling Collaborative Learning and Continuous Quality Improvement
Fathima Mulla: A model to facilitate the development of professionalism amongst radiography students
Hesta Friedrich-Nel: International student exchange experiences in radiography
Caroline Wright: Radiography and radiation therapy student experiences of practitioner professionalism lapses related to safety whilst on clinical placement
John McInerney: Using online technology to raise awareness of values and ethics in radiography education, student perspectives.

Murphrey Nyambiya:
The relationship between bone mineral density and breast cancer in Zimbabwean women.
Yong Su Bae: Evaluation of Vascular Resolution of Fluoroscopy and DSA in Angiographic Equipment Using the Microvessel Phantom
Yi Xiang Tay: Appropriateness of Lumbar Spine Radiography in primary care: Results of a quality assurance audit
Tanya Custer & Kimberly Michael: Mindfulness in a Medical Imaging Course
Marcia Smoke: Examining the smoking habits of young people in a post-secondary Medical Radiation Science program in Canada

Claire Ford: A case study: A VMAT planning solution for radiotherapy treatment of bilateral breast malignancies in a morbidly obese patient.
Chloe Wilkinson & Donna Caldwell: The evolving role of the Clinical Trials Radiographer in a Centre of Excellence
Una Cooper & Paul Totten: The Implementation of a paperless workflow in our radiotherapy department
Debora Di Minico: Analysis of radiotherapy performance using quality indicators derived from automated treatment pathways
Matheko Phahlamohlaka: The lived experiences following radiotherapy for prostate cancer in Johannesburg: A Qualitative Study
Miriam Kerr: Quality Improvement Project into Incident Reporting and Incident Learning

ROOM 6: Joint ISRRT & EFRS session: Safety, Safety Culture and Patient Centred Health Care
Philip Webster (HDCR, MBA – ISRRT, Former Technical Advisor UK Department of Health, Specialist Advisor – Alliance Medical UK): How the manager delivers safety and safety culture (To explore the organisational framework for creating the knowledge and processes of creating a safety culture.)
Anastasia Sarchosoglou (MSc, Chair EFRS Radiotherapy Expert Committee and Senior Radiotherapy Radiographer, General Oncological Hospital of Kifisia, Athens, Greece): Safety culture: Setting the scene for improved patient safety in Radiotherapy (To discuss the importance of safety culture in radiotherapy facilities and highlight the key role of Radiotherapy radiographers in supporting implementation of safety systems within radiotherapy services.)
Dr. Andrew England (PhD, Chair EFRS Educational Wing Management Team, Senior Lecturer, School of Allied Health Professions | Keele University, Keele, Staffordshire, UK): Developing a safety culture within undergraduate radiography education (To appreciate and explore opportunities for developing a safety culture within undergraduate radiography education.)
Angela Meadows (MSc, – ISRRT, Unit Imaging Manager, Preston PET-CT and Westmorland MRI, Alliance Medical UK): Endearing safety culture traits (To appreciate safety culture and the fundamental traits embedded within healthcare culture. Also to consider the value of the Safety Culture guide in practice.)

Saturday 4.30pm-5.30pm

Room 1: GENERAL 3
Michaela Davis & Colm Dempsey:
Crime Scene Investigation Regarding Child Welfare and Protection
Amara Favour Ikegwuonu: Assesment of the Quality of Radiological Services on Patients Satisfaction in a Tertiary Health Care Hospital in Nigeria
Yen-Chien Wu: Quantitative Assessment of Magnetic Resonance (MR) Relaxation Times for breast tumor
Clare Rainey: Beauty is in the AI of the beholder: An analysis of knowledge, skills, confidence and education requirements of UK radiographers and radiotherapists.
Grainne Forsythe: An evaluation of Digital Radiography in daily practice: are radiographers manipulating exposure factors appropriately?

Hannah Turner: Standardising the Image Appearance of Iterative Reconstruction Across Two Vendors using Image Quality
Mubaraq Yakubu Abdulsalam & Muhammad Kabir Saleh: Morphometric Study of Sella Turcica using Computed Tomography Scan of the Brain in Kano Metropolis, Nigeria.
Mairead O'Driscoll: The Utility of CT with tin filtration in the surveillance of pulmonary nodules: impact on dose and image quality
Svea Deppe Morup: 3D printed coronary artery model for CT optimization

Timmerie Cohen: Coping Styles of US Radiologic Sciences Students 2019
Je'nine Horn-Lodewyk & Beatrix van der Linde: Exploring stop-motion animation as a teaching strategy for radiography students
Mable Kekana: Students' experiences of using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health documentation forms in clinical history taking
Sergio M. Solis Barquero: Challenges in the process of curriculum actualization of medical radiation technologist at the University of Costa Rica.
Carmen Saunders-Russell: GIFs, MEMEs, Sizzle Reels and Me: Using E- Portfolios to Showcase Professionalism

Stuart Brice:
Scoliosis in Pediatrics.
Catherine Chilanga: Radiographers' actions and challenges when confronted with inappropriate referrals
Wilfried Hunziger: Special findings in X-Ray Imaging and how to behave on that as a Radiological Technologist
Anna Thompson & Andrew England: Skyline knee projections and Siemens Smart Sim
Emma Hyde & Maryann Hardy: Delivering informed measures of patient centred care (PCC) in diagnostic radiography – the international perspective.
April Wilson & Andrew England: An investigation into the public’s knowledge on how radiopaque patient-related artefacts can affect radiographic examinations and the impact on Radiology departments

Lisa Bartenhagen: Virtually Preparing Patients for Radiation Therapy Treatment
Melanie C Dempsey: Integrating a Virtual Environment into a Radiation Therapy Pathology and Treatment Principles Course
Sheila Hassan: An Audit of the value of the Linac Plan Check Appointment for Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) / Stereotactic Radiotherapy SRT
Tara Rosewall: Cannabis And Radiation Therapy: A review of human clinical trials published in reputable medical journals
Orla Brosnan: Treatment of Skin Lesions on the head using thermoplastic moulds in conjunction with the Freiburg Flap.
Riona Walsh: Retrospective audit of bladder volumes and bladder filling protocol for prostate patients
Marcia Smoke: To Prescribe or Not to Prescribe? Perceptions of Radiation Therapists on Prescribing Medications for Common Radiation Therapy Side Effects

Room 6: GENERAL 5
Barry Kennedy & Michaela Davis:
Radiographer life support skills - could there be a clinical need for advanced training of radiographers?
Brendan J. Corr: Chiropractic Radiography - an update
David de Vries: Preparing for disaster
Kristin Mitas & Lauren Johnson: Second Victim Phenomenon in Healthcare
Todd Minnigh: Inspiring Innovation

* subject to change