Scientific Sessions *
Sunday, 22nd August, 2021

All sessions are in Irish Standard Time and will be available on a virtual basis. The congress content (except the forensic workshop) will be available on-demand on the virtual platform for 8 weeks after the congress.

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Sunday 9am-10am

Room 1: GENERAL 6
Jennifer Carey & Megan Brydon: Technologist Story Telling Panel: An Experiential Learning Tool for Mental Health Education and Practice
Michaela Davis: Exploration of the Role of The Radiographer in the delivery of care to curative patients in Malta
Sigurd Sundland: Patient Safety in Mobile X-Ray
Albertina Rusandu: Iodinated contrast media waste management in Central Norway

Sonyia McFadden: Radiographer tips for gaining European research funding-our experience with the SAFE EUROPE project
Grainne Forsythe: The rollout of Radiographer Reporting within one Trust in Northern Ireland
Moses Chipembo Soko: Radiographers performance in isolating PTB patterns on chest x ray in presumptive TB patients at Zomba central hospital in Malawi
Helen Yule: Perceptual learning in breast radiology
Sheena Chung: Image Quality Peer Learning in Breast Imaging

Yobelli Jimenez:
Emotionally challenging situations experienced by Diagnostic Radiography students
Mable Kekana: Facilitating ethics and human rights in the radiography undergraduate program'
Laura Di Michele: Knowledge translation in diagnostic radiography: Where are we and what needs to be done?
Yobelli Jimenez: Interprofessional education in diagnostic radiography curriculum: the impact of intensity and case choice
Sonyia Mc Fadden: An investigation of the long term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the education and clinical development of Diagnostic/Therapeutic Radiography students in Northern Ireland.
Rana Abd Almugeeth Eisa: The Effect of Electronic Courses in Instructional Support to Increase Medical Students' Enthusiasm

Allison McGee:
Variability in liver ultrasound elastography measures in a healthy paediatric cohort
Cynthia Cowling: The Role of the Sonographer: An investigation of the scope of practice of the sonographer internationally
Denise Choong: Intra-cavitary Contrast enhanced ultrasound: a case study
John McInerney: Sonographer perceptions of the influence of regulation on ultrasound practice in Australia.
Malene Roland Vils Pedersen: Music and pain in endorectal ultrasound examination
Michael Sunday Okpaleke: Sonographic Determination Of The Reference Abdominal Aorta Dimensions And Doppler Indices In Abuja, Nigeria
Onwuzu Sobechukwu: Measuring Wall Shear Stress Distribution in the Carotid Artery of an African Population: Computational Fluid Dynamics versus Ultrasound Doppler Velocimetry
Merlisa Kemp: Carotid intima media thickness, blood flow velocity, and disability in multiple sclerosis

Francesca Cavallo:
Multiple Brain Mets: impact of patient positioning errors on optimal PTV margin strategy
Francesca Cavallo : Offline Adaptive Radiation Therapy for prostate cancer: Using Daily CBCT and Deformable Image Fusion for Correct Replanning
Velia Forte: SIDCA in patients with ? 10 brain mets: evaluation of neurological toxicity and treatment accuracy.
Oluwanife Bose Osungbesan & Joseph Zira Dlama: Radiation Therapists' Education and Training in Nigeria - Challenges and Prospects
Bartosz Bak & Krzysztof Kaczmarek: Influence of the use of ultrasound bladder measurement system on the assessment of bladder filling in patients with prostate cancer during radiotherapy
Park Hyokuk: Development of Real time Object Tracking Program for Respiratory Gating Radiation Therapy

Sunday 12.30pm-1.30pm

Jeanette du Plessis & Roan Slabbert:
Innovative Teaching Strategies Towards Enhanced Learning In Undergraduate Radiography Training
Kate Matthews: FORCE: Framework for Online Radiographer Clinical Education
Michaela Davis: A potential Radiographic Teaching Tool 3D Printed Anatomical Models Versus Tissue Equivalent Models
Ruth Strudwick: Values Based Practice (VBP) Training for Radiographers
Mona Oynes: Learning outcomes from a computer-based CT simulation tool: a pre-test post-test study

Therese Herlihy:
Does severity of liver disease affect quality-of-life in patients living with Hepatitis C? Baseline results from the TRACER study.
Therese Herlihy: The Role of Ultrasound in a Diagnostically Challenging Case of Tuberculosis Cervical Lymphadenitis
Yonella Demars: A Case Study: Diagnosis of a Extremely Rare Extra-renal Rhabdoid Tumor
Hussien Dienar: Study of ultrasound bioeffect in Albino Rat Fetuses
Therese Herlihy: A comparison of Transient Elastography (TE) with Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Elastography (ARFI) for the assessment of liver health in patients with Chronic Hepatitis C (CHC); baseline results from the TRACER study.
Therese Herlihy: Case Report: A presentation of Post Menopausal Pyometra
Rana Abd Almugeeth Eisa: Thyroid nodules' evaluation by ultrasound and fine-needle aspiration cytology

Penelope Engel-Hills & Hilde Ibsen: Community-based research as a relevant learning environment
Nick Courtier: The case for radiographer reporting in Ghana
Faustin Kamba Okoma: Evolution of the role of the radiographer in disadvantaged environments in Africa and future prospects: experience from 2000 to 2020 in the reference hospitals of Kinshasa
Ida-Keshia Sebelego: The use of clickers to evaluate radiographer's knowledge of shoulder images
Mike Odgren: Advanced Practice Radiology in the United States

Michaela Davis: Current sedation and anaesthesia practices in paediatric MRI departments in the Republic of Ireland
Nigel Anderson: Necrosis or Recurrence? Using Delayed-Contrast MRI Post Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Brain Metastases
Chia Peng Chung: Multi-planar reformatting method with readout segmentation of long variable echo-trains diffusion tensor imaging to determine the location of the trigeminal nerve
Menglu Li: Signed Kinetic Energy of Left Intraventricular Blood Flow for Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Yanda Peter:
Measurement of average radiation dose to patients during intracranial aneurysm coil embolisation
Utheya Sallini Thevathas: Trends in doses for two common pediatric interventional cardiology procedures in Norway (2008 - 2019)
Shantel Lewis: Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour to explore radiation protection amongst South African Radiographers
Christopher Steelman: Adverse Effects of Occupational Exposure to Ionizing Radiation in Interventional Fluoroscopy

* subject to change